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Destined to excel
If you cannot do greater things, learn to do smaller things in a greater way
Admin Manager
Do good always
H.O.D Primary
Be kind always
H.O.D Nursery
It does not matter if the glass is half is empty or half full be grateful that you have a cup and there is something in it
Activity Coordinator
Our Team of Prefects
It is good to be good
Head boy
Dedication BRI GS success
Social prefect
We appreciate your good conduct over the period of last month, it was productive for us as an institution...we believe you have become even stronger and better in this new month... Bravo!
Grace Ene Igbabo
Staff of the Month
George Ochofie Igbabo
Student of the Month
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Let's take you on a walk!
Career Day 2017
Group of doctors examine a patient
Career Day at GraceVille
Proprietress poss with some pupils and parents during the event
McGuffey and Proprietress
After discussion with the proprietress of the school
McGuffey and Staff
The staff was not left out in the excitement...
McGuffey and the kids had a swell time
McGuffey and kids had a swell time,after which this pix was taken